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We partner with the top local eateries to help them reach far away customers, all across their region. Learn more about our mission

How we work with our vendors

We help our vendors plan their production & minimize waste. 
Unlike real-time delivery services that order minutes ahead of time, we order days ahead of time so vendors can plan their production and minimize waste.
We don’t charge a set commission to our vendors. 
Instead, we purchase products at mutually agreed upon economically sustainable wholesale prices.
We uphold the strong brands that our iconic vendors have built.
As a result, we only work with businesses and farms that produce the highest quality, responsibly sourced products.
We help vendors reach their far away customers.
We deliver to far away customers who live up to 100 miles away. This means that we’re not competing with our vendor's in-store sales. Instead, we’re helping them reach new customers.
“Locale represents my brand extremely well. We're happy to be featured alongside such iconic restaurants. They bring me consistent meaningful revenue from customers I wouldn't be able to reach any other way.”
Giorgia Sinatra, Pasta Sisters
Los Angeles, CA
“Since my original meeting with the team at Locale, I have become more and more impressed by their professionalism. They follow through on each and every detail. Communication is always excellent and any issues I/we have run into are corrected easily and quickly. I highly recommend them as individuals and as a company.”
Norm Langer, Langer's Deli
Los Angeles, CA
"We love working with Locale!  Our relationship feels like a true partnership, with the same goal; getting delicious products out to our clients all over the Bay Area and beyond.  They take great care of our product and we trust that our customers are receiving their Pizzeria Delfina in perfect condition. Locale is professional, reliable and responsive to our needs.  Thank you Locale!"
Annie Stoll, Pizzeria Delfina
Palo Alto, CA
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We partner with the top local food businesses to help them reach far away customers all across The Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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